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Our Company Goal is to assist others in helping get the awareness out for what they care about.  We are now including a special Code Section for special Fund Raising efforts.  In this section, you will find several specific fund raisers that you can help support directly with your purchases. 
Each of these fund raisers has a specific Coupon Code.  When you use this Coupon Code, you will automatically receive 10% off your purchase and your 10% will go to the Fund Raiser directly specified for that coupon code.  These coupon codes do expire, so please watch for the expiration date.

There are currently no special coupon codes.


 If you would be interested in having a coupon code for your specific fund raising event, please e-mail us at  Please include the Organization you are trying to support and why.  We would be more then happy to speak with you and see if your fund raising event falls within our guidelines.  We will only allow 5 specific fund raiser codes to run at any one time.
Ribbons for a Reason does have the right to decline the use of a special Fund Raising Code to anyone we feel does not fit our guidelines.  Ribbons for a Reason also has the right to cancel any Coupon Code at any time.
Ribbons for a Reason will send out e-mails to Fund Raising participants when an order is received and what the donation amount will be.  Donation will be made a various times, and will be set up between Ribbons for a Reason and the participant at the time the coupon code is set up.
Funds raised will be issued directly to the Organization and not the individual participating.  All Organizations must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit oranization. All donations will be made under the name Ribbons for a Reason. 
For more information, please contact us at
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