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Gold Ribbon Awareness Everything You Need to Know

Gold Ribbon Awareness
Written by Dawn Herrera

The common use of the ribbons as the symbol of a particular message or movement in the USA started as a way of spreading hope, unity, and information about the crisis.

In the midst of numerous awareness campaigns, since then, ribbons have played an important role, including causes, for example, AIDS (red ribbon), breasts (rose ribbon), suicide prevention, and many more.

In a single word, Ribbons send a simple message that helps them to cross language barriers and have far- global impacts. The gold ribbon used ass the international symbol for children’s Cancer.

Importance of Awareness Ribbons

The origin of ribbons of awareness is unclear, but they have their origins in medieval activities when ladies displayed chronicles of affection and devotion.

Some think that during the civil war, ribbons gained the first prominence in the USA. Women wear yellow ribbons to give thanks to the fight for their loved ones. While the Civil War hypothesis has no evidence, the yellow ribbons were used for the first time in the US.

Penney Laingen the first time in November 1979, tied a yellow ribbon on a tree in support of her husband, Ambassador Bruce Laingen.

Gold Ribbon History

Twenty years ago, the gold ribbon was chosen by CCCF Boarder Gigi Thorsen and a group of relatives who were affected by childhood cancer as the universality emblem of ACCO recognition under its former name, the Candle lighters Childhood Cancer Foundation (CCCF).

Gold was accepted as the best choice for a childhood conscious awareness of Cancer, although many colors were considered, as gold is a precious metal, and thus it is the perfect color that represents what our lives are most valuable to our kids.

The first gold ribbons were sponsored in 1997 (in lapel pins) by the CCCF, which is now a highly recognized symbol of childhood cancer awareness, special thanks to the loyalty and dedication of this group of parents in the first years of our organization.

The ACCO continues today to harness the emblematical influence of the gold ribbon, allowing individuals from around the globe to unite behind this sign of unity, participating in the ongoing fight to eliminate childhood cancer of all kinds.

Why Gold Ribbon Is Important?

The goal behind these ribbons is to end illness and to help a loved one fight. All actions are, therefore, a step closer to the ultimate target, regardless of how big or small it is.

It is essential to have a supportive network of allies in the healthcare industry who understand your fight and your dream.

Gold Ribbon Hero Initiative

The prognosis is now considerably better for many children diagnosed with Cancer of the infant than it was just 40 years earlier, with over 80% living five years or longer today, compared with only 58% of those diagnosed with Cancer of the five-years in the early 1970s.

Nevertheless, the journey is often difficult, always painful, and rarely straight and narrow for children who aspire to be one of 80%.

Thankfully, these kids do not have to fly by themselves on the road to survival. As strong and brave as these children are, they are surrounded by caring, committed persons who find the energy, wisdom, and determination every day on their journey to support the youngest cancer warriors. Such individuals play a vital role in promoting the lives of children and families affected by this awful disease.

Via our Gold Ribbon Hero Initiative, ACCO aims to honor as many of these important individuals as possible and show to the world how vital they are to support and encourage the youngest and strongest warriors of Cancer. Everyone can be a hero of Gold Ribbon.

A Gold Ribbon hero maybe the boy who inspires us with determination and perseverance, parents who display compassion and dignity even when the heartbreaks, a doctor who takes care of every patient so closely, or a researcher persisting in the relentless quest for the next miracle cure. Such people are an inspiration and a strong example for all in childhood and beyond the cancer community.

Help Spread Gold Awareness

In 2010 an ACCO program was established to identify multiple opportunities for children, families, businesses, and schools to raise awareness of childhood cancer. The ACCO motto, “Go Gold.” 

  • Plan a GO GOLD for Cancer Event Children: each event raises vital resources for providing awareness and support for cancer-related children.

Those activities will also lead to the advancement of the understanding of emerging childhood cancer issues as local families struggle with the medical, emotional, and financial effects of infantile Cancer will be seen in support groups.

  • Aid to promote the creation of a business alliance in order to increase the number of items displaying the Gold Ribbon.
  • Take Gold Ribbon from the ACCO Store More children in the US lose their lives in childhood cancer than any other disease.

Cancer comes under number one killer of all the kids in the world, which cannot be transmitted, wherever they live!

Who Is Our Gold Heroes Ribbon?

Every day we have gold ribbon heroes, and we want to be able to tell everybody’s personal story.

We urge you to browse through our blog, read the inspiring tale of our new Gold Ribbon Hero, and wind up the past of the many ACCO gold Ribbon heroes

You can weep with their tremendous and small stories and sacrifices each one of them made to combat childhood cancer, will definitely inspire you and will allow you to recognize the enormity of the difficulties facing the youngest fighters of childhood cancer and their families.

There is a number of cancer ribbons each with its symbolic color, for example, head and neck cancer Burgundy or white colors are used. For multiple myeloma, burgundy color is us. Using orange color for Leukemia.

For Breast cancer and Kidney cancer, pink color is used. The peach color is a sign of Cancer in the Appendix. Sarcoma or bone cancer is a symbol of gold. For Non Hodgkin lymphoma purple color is used. The sign of liver cancer is Lime Green.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a particular color or ribbon can help individuals show their support for a loved one or a relative or encouraged them to address their diagnosis of Cancer.

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