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Orange Ribbon: What Does It Mean?

What does orange ribbon mean
Written by Dawn Herrera

Have you ever wondered what the orange ribbon stands for in the various events? Well, both in the United States and other parts of the world, you will not see the orange ribbon often, but you can be sure it is a very popular awareness symbol in various causes. So, what does the orange ribbon mean? It is a sign of harmony, respect for human race, freedom, among others.

Multiple Sclerosis

Orange ribbons represent Multiple Sclerosis Awareness. Many people living with this condition find it hard to execute their daily activities. To some extent, some develop challenges, and they hardly seek guidance from other people.

With Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, the participants embracing orange ribbons help people understand how life is with multiple sclerosis, support and give them hope to face life just like any other person.

Harmony and Racial Tolerance

An orange ribbon is associated with inclusiveness, and that what harmony is all about. In our society, everybody tends to mind their own business with little care of what others are going through. This creates levels among different individuals because some feel they are more important, and their race is stronger. Ribbons help foster understanding among people and their cultures.

Every March or November, depending on the country, the orange ribbons are worn by campaigners during the Harmony Day to show unity irrespective of the culture difference. Awareness promotes better living among society members.


Lack of proper nutrition is still a problem in some families. Orange ribbons come into play during malnutrition awareness. The campaign is meant to give support and details to patients, residents, and health practitioners.

If you intend to be part of the campaign, you can participate during the Malnutrition Awareness Week that takes place every last week of September.  What you need is your orange ribbon.

Leukemia Cancer

Multiple forms of cancer continue to be a threat to society. However, that does not mean that it is a death sentence. Orange ribbons are worn during campaigns meant for leukemia cancer. Leukemia occurs in both kids and adults, and it cannot go unnoticed.

In kids and teens, it translates to around 30% of childhood cancers. September is the month of wearing your orange ribbon, hats, t-shirts, bracelets, or any other apparel.  It is Leukemia Awareness Month.

Gun Violence Prevention

With the use of violent guns being an epidemic for several years now, people choose to wear orange ribbons and attire to pass the message on gun violence prevention. The main purpose is to combat any form of gun violence that happens in America. So, why orange?

According to Everytown for Gun Safety, an advocacy group that controls the use of guns, orange is a loud color, and it cannot be ignored. Besides, orange is a color worn by hunters to show they are not the targets to avoid accidental shooting. Participants wear orange ribbons also to show that they are not targets of shooting.

Motorcycle Safety

Everybody has a role to play when it comes to motorcycle safety. It doesn’t matter whether you ride one or not, those driving are our brothers and sisters, and with the involvement of everyone on awareness with the orange ribbons, riding will be taken seriously.

You can be part of the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month by also wearing any orange apparel. It happens every May during the spring season because that’s when most motorists are preparing to commence their excursions.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Every third week of October reminds you of the orange ribbons because it is time for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder awareness. Being a neurodevelopmental disorder that is common among children, there is a need to let the public know about this disease.

Various organizations embrace the orange ribbons to celebrate the advancements made so far in managing the ADHD, mobilize people on the importance of giving the disease early attention and support those with the condition. Others causes supported by the orange ribbons include:

  • Reflect Sympathetic Dystrophy
  • Safe Rides
  • Cultural Diversity – Asylum seekers
  • Self-Harm
  • Humane Treatment of Animals and Refugees

Orange ribbons meaning has been depicted during multiple sclerosis, leukemia, and harmony campaigns. It is now clear that other causes also embrace them.  If you intend to take part in a particular cause that requires you to wear an orange ribbon, you must be ready to get involved fully. That’s how you leave a positive impact. Ribbons have changed the way people live, share ideas and view each other.

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Dawn Herrera

Dawn is an extremely passionate ribbon designer and blogger. She's written hoards of articles on the importance of using ribbons to raise the awareness of deadly diseases all around us.