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Meaning of Purple Ribbon: Explained In Detail

What is the meaning of Purple Ribbon
Written by Dawn Herrera

Ribbons have remained to be part of different campaigns and awareness for many years now. Different countries and organizations have adorned ribbons in their causes and have established a lot of success as a result. Purple is one of the common colors used in different types of campaigns. Its most renowned symbolism is hope for people who have pancreatic cancer, epilepsy, and cystic fibrosis, to mention a few. This article has the purple ribbon meaning detailed meaning explained in detail.

Pancreatic cancer awareness

Pancreatic cancer is the world’s toughest type of cancer, and there has been a need for awareness. The World Pancreatic Cancer Day takes place on 21st November every year. It embraces the purple ribbon. During this day, thirty countries and eighty organizations participate in raising awareness while inspiring action against this disease. It also focuses on involving individuals in taking action against cancer in terms of spreading information about the symptoms and risks of this disease.

Epilepsy awareness

More than 150,000 people get diagnosed with epilepsy every year. This number is quite overwhelming, and there is a need for awareness. November has been epilepsy awareness week, and people participate with purple ribbons and attires. During this month, people are encouraged to educate themselves about seizure first aid and avoid stigmatizing people with this condition. Participants are expected to support the cause fully.

Campaigns against Animal Abuse

Animal abuse has been prevalent for quite some time. In that case, a lot of campaigns have been raised to bring awareness of such an ordeal. All campaigns raised against animal abuse focus on raising awareness that animal abuse is a crime, and participants wear purple ribbons as a symbol of support to the cause. This makes people think twice when they are about to harm animals. The sensitization also encourages people to report animal abuse or neglect issues.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Awareness

Awareness of ADD happens every October. There are numerous activities all over the world and the internet that focuses on sensitizing people on the risks, symptoms, and control of Attention Deficit Disorder. Organizers usually organize short talks, campaigns or walk with a focus on raising awareness on the condition. During the month-long campaign, participants have to wear purple ribbons to show their support and commitment towards the campaign.

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation champions the campaign on cystic fibrosis awareness. The official campaign week is in May, and they hold a couple of awareness activities about the condition. The campaign encourages the public to participate in awareness walks, talking about Cystic Fibrosis on their social networks, and reaching out to the government to find ways of supporting those with Cystic Fibrosis. During the entire month, every participant needs to wear a purple ribbon as a symbol of supporting the cause.

Religious Tolerance Campaign

Many organizations have been at the forefront of ending discrimination and marginalization. Tolerance without prejudice is a principle of human rights and fundamental freedom. Therefore, organizations like UNESCO have come up with different ways to end religious and racial intolerance in different perspectives, such as fighting prejudice through the law, fighting intolerance through education, and raising individual awareness on the same. The international day of Tolerance is on 16th November every year, and participants wear a purple ribbon to support the cause.

Elder Abuse Campaign

According to world population statistics, older people have been increasing in society. Unfortunately, most elders have been facing abuse for many years, and campaigns come to their rescue. The World Health Organization has set aside 15th June every year as the official date to raise awareness about any elder abuse.

With the purple ribbon to support the campaign, the organization uses this day to educate the public on the need to protect and report any cases of elderly abuse around them.

Meaning of Ribbons Related To Purple

Lavender and orchid are close to purple. They also symbolize different types of campaigns and awareness. Lavender represents awareness of gynecological cancer, Rett Syndrome, foster care, and infantile spasms. On the other hand, orchid symbolizes the campaign on testicular cancer.

For the past few years, purple ribbon popularity is increasing each day due to the positive impacts of the campaigns that embrace the ribbon. Whether you need the pure purple, colors related to it, or the blended version, you will easily get one. What you need is to understand the particular cause to know the expectations you need to meet during the awareness.

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