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Peach Ribbon: The Role in Uterine Cancer Awareness

Peach Ribbon Cancer Awareness
Written by Dawn Herrera

Endometrial or uterine cancer is common among women, especially those experiencing menopause. A peach ribbon brings awareness about the disease. In the US, according to the American Cancer Society, the uterine cancer incidence and mortality rates among women tends to decrease at a high rate. Thanks to cancer awareness and support. The awareness month is in September every year.

Cancer ribbons are worn by various people to show support for those with cancer or show compassion and awareness about the disease. Some few decades ago, uterine cancer used to be a silent killer with many women suffering in privacy, today the uterine cancer awareness with peach ribbon has changed how people view the disease.

A Concise History of Peach Ribbons

Peach is a famous tone that has been on awareness trends for quite some time now. Being very colorful, it brings attention to people making the awareness cause fruitful. In 1991, Charlotte Haley pioneered the use of a peach ribbon to remind the government of the role they need to play on cancer prevention.

Charlotte was not only the brains behind the peach ribbons but also the pink ribbons. Both are calling to action on cancer that affects women. It is important to know that peach ribbons came before the pink ribbons. Today, the effort and history of Charlotte are evident in society.

The Importance of Peach Ribbons

In every uterine cancer awareness campaign, the peach ribbons will grace the occasion. Other than the ribbon, the individuals can choose to wear peach apparel like t-shirts, caps, and wristbands to support the awareness cause. Read on to know the importance of peach ribbons.

Informs women on the need for screening

Previously, women used to be ignorant about uterine cancer. Some would think that the bleeding might be a normal thing that will stop with no time. Thanks to the campaigns because the majority now can access screening services. Screening is vital, and for that reason, it is done freely during campaigns.

Besides, there are multiple organizations out there that do not charge. The importance of screening is to relieve doubt and early commencement of medication when results turn out positive. Other than screening, wearing a peach ribbon shows support for medical intervention when diagnosed with the disease.

People get to know the truth about uterine cancer

There are numerous stories about the disease that you will hear and read. Some might be true while others are false. At times, it might be hard to know the real facts. The awareness campaigns that embrace the peach ribbon tells everything you need to hear. With many organizations getting involved, you can be sure the details and brochures given during the awareness are truthful. The information helps you to keep off any myth and misconception about uterine cancer.

Awareness creates the need for medical research

Among the areas that have helped lower the mortality rates and suffering on uterine cancer is medical research. Awareness gets the disease known, and researchers can now chip in and do particular projects on the disease. Such projects include developing medications, testing kits, and machines. Also, awareness notifies the government the need for investing more in uterine cancer research while at the same time encouraging researchers to put more effort into ensuring the disease control becomes a reality.

People get to know about the symptoms and risk factors

It can be challenging to know the problem you have if you are not keen enough. Some people mistake the uterine cancer symptoms with a normal bleeding occurrence. The main symptoms include bleeding after menopause and in between the periods.  During the peach ribbon campaigns, you are notified of the key symptoms to check and why you need to seek medical attention. Also, you get to know the risk factors. Some of these factors include overweight and commencement of periods at an early age.

With varying cancer ribbons out there, you need to understand what a particular ribbon is all about to support the right cause. Women’s cancer is not all about pink; there are other colors to represent a particular cancer disease. Each cancer ribbon color is symbolic of peach ribbons representing the uterine or endometrial cancer awareness.

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