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Should You Wear a Ribbon if Infected with COVID-19?

Ribbon to wear if infected coronavirus
Written by Dawn Herrera

The spread of the novel COVID-19 virus has become a pandemic. There is a need to raise awareness to reduce its threat. There are specific recommendations provided by the WHO and CDCs, which every person should consider. Nevertheless, there is a need to consider other awareness strategies that would enhance every effort to raise awareness of this pandemic.

The use of ribbons has been widely used in raising awareness of different causes. Therefore, the adoption of a ribbon to raise awareness about the infection of the COVID-19 should be considered. This article provides a detailed view on whether to wear a ribbon if infected with COVID-19.

Importance of Coronavirus Awareness

Awareness is an essential component that helps in developing belief. It can be highlighted as a critical indicator of success in any environment or situation. That being said, it is crucial to raise awareness in the spread of the virus. Although there are quite a lot of efforts to raise awareness about its spread, there is still much to be done to achieve the level of cognizance needed all over the world.

So, adopting a different form of awareness would not only benefit in raising cognizance among the humankind but will narrow down the awareness of something that everyone can associate with. In that case, there is no better way to implement this other than the use of ribbons.

How Will Ribbons Help in Raising Awareness on COVID-19?

The use of ribbons dates back to medieval times but gained prominence during the Civil War. Over time, the use of ribbons has been successful in every awareness, making it a suitable option in every situation.

Whenever ribbons are used in a specific cause, it helps participants in being proactive rather than remaining reactive. However, it would be best if you remained particular to the intention at hand to narrow down to the beliefs that will influence the reaction that the campaign aims to achieve. It is quite hard to work and assign time to break down every essential aspect and meet your expectations.

Therefore, as much as you would like to raise awareness of COVID-19 through the use of ribbons, you must have a strategic plan that will help you achieve your expectations. Otherwise, your efforts will remain to be a mere action with less importance, which will be a waste of time and money.

Concerning COVID-19 awareness, ribbons would be an ideal way to sensitize humankind into chipping into the efforts of controlling its spread and treatment. This means every donation campaign can use a specific ribbon to associate with the cause.

It can be used in websites that are seeking donations towards the prevention and treatment of the virus and other platforms that have been established everywhere.

Ribbons can be sold in support of the campaign and probably raise enough money that can help in a significant way. Besides, it can influence support in other methods, such as the donation of different kits needed in the prevention of the virus.

Which Ribbon Color would Best Fit in COVID-19 Awareness?

Almost every color has been adopted for a specific campaign. Therefore, it would be hard to determine which color would best fit in identifying with the spread and management of the Coronavirus.

For instance, Red has been popularly used in Aids Awareness and has established significant success over the years. As for the Covid-19 awareness, it cannot be straightforward to narrow down on a specific ribbon since there are high chances that it will not last long.

That being said, there are a couple of factors to consider when deciding on a specific color. Ideally, using a brighter color would be the best option. However, colors such as red, purple, and yellow are widely used in renowned campaigns, a less significant bright color should be considered.

Concluding Thoughts

In my opinion, YES, we should wear ribbon if you are infected by the virus.. The best pick would be Orange or any other bright shade, which does not have a lot of significance in global awareness. But it’s important if you will just stay HOME!

The idea of using a ribbon to identify people infected with COVID-19 is an ongoing debate. Therefore, there are still a lot of considerations that need to be made. However, the only sure thing is the fact that the virus is rapidly spreading, and more effort is required in its control. In that case, using a ribbon would be a remarkable decision, among all other initiatives that are in place.

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Dawn is an extremely passionate ribbon designer and blogger. She's written hoards of articles on the importance of using ribbons to raise the awareness of deadly diseases all around us.