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The Purpose of White Ribbon on World Adoption Day 2020

World Adoption Day 2020
Written by Dawn Herrera

World Adoption Day is celebrated on 9th November as a day to raise awareness for adoption. In the United State, courts and communities come together to finalize the approval of children from foster care. More events are held each year on the Saturday before thanksgiving. National Adoption Day has helped many children to have somewhere to call home and enjoy the parental care. The article explains the purpose of white ribbon on World Adoption Day.

The History of Adoption Day

The World Adoption Day started in 1976 by Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, who announced an Adoption Week to promote the adoption of homeless children into families. In 1984 president Ronald Reagan declared the first Adoption week. Here, white ribbons were used. Later on, in 1995, President Clinton announced that awareness week will take place during the entire November. In 1998, Clinton informed the human service and health department to formulate a plan of spreading the initiative by the use of the internet. In 2008 President George W. Bush used Spanish to explain national adoption.

Raise Funds to Support Families

World Adoption Day is aimed at raising funds to support families in their adoption. People from all walks of life come together and participate in the celebration through posting a photo of themselves with a smiling face on social media. This helps in raising awareness for the 19 million children in the world without families to get a forever family.

Love and Support

Awareness ribbons are universal symbols of love and support. There are various colors for the awareness ribbons ranging from pink, yellow, red, blue, green, black, purple, and white, depending on the type of awareness one is trying to show. The white ribbon has been used many times to create awareness for different things. It is used to signify and spread people’s beliefs. It has been used as a sign of ending violence against women.

Raise Awareness on Violence

The white ribbon was first used in November 1991. The ribbon was used to raise cognizance of men’s violence towards women. The ribbon was first used in Canada as a movement by Layton, Slusser, and Kaufman. The campaign later moved to Australia in 1992 by MASA.

Parental Care and Legal Rights

The white ribbon is used on World Adoption Day as a sign of a united front towards the adoption of all children living in orphanages and foster homes. It helps the children get parental care they deserve and legal parents or guardians to take of them until they are of legal age. In the United States, it has helped more than 110,000 children living in adoptive care to enjoy life time families. Well-wishers sponsor the day.

Promote Children Education

Many organizations have been established to educate the community through programs and training on the need to find permanent homes for children and youths in foster homes and orphanages. Such organizations have used social media as an avenue to reach out for help, which has influenced a lot of people into joining the movement.

The white ribbon is a symbol of unity among people towards a common goal, or in other words, it’s a symbol of people’s banding together to show support towards a particular movement. The white ribbon is used on World Adoption Day to bring people together and help the rest of the world know of the need for adoption. World Adoption Day has helped many homeless children and youths in foster care get permanent homes where they can receive the love and care they need. As we celebrate the World Adoption Day 2020 be sure to wear a white ribbon and show your willingness to spread the love.

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