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Top 10 Popular Colors of Awareness Ribbons and What They Mean

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Written by Dawn Herrera

You probably have come across someone wearing a ribbon as a sign of awareness towards a particular cause. This is a common thing that dates since medieval times when ladies used to offer knights ribbons to show their love and affection. The practice has been passed down and became more popular during the United States Civil War. Nowadays, people use this practice to raise awareness over different causes that associates with humans.

Top 10 popular colors of awareness ribbons and what they mean

1. Red

A lot of people use red color to raise awareness against HIV/AIDS patients. However, it is also significant in raising awareness of substance abuse, heart disease, stroke, and other types of consciousness. There are also colors associated with red that send different messages. This include:
• Amber: Used to raise awareness against appendix cancer
• Peach: Used to raise awareness of vaginal cancer, uterine cancer, and Endometrial cancer
• Burgundy: Disabled adults, sickle cell anemia, Sturge-Weber syndrome, among others.

2. Yellow

Yellow stands to be one of the colors used to raise awareness of different causes. Its usage dates way back in history across the world. However, its most common usage has been in support of the troops who have been relentlessly working hard to protect their nations. It is also used to raise awareness of missing children, suicide prevention remembrance, and spina bifida.

3. Pink

Pink is one of the universally recognized colors used in a common cause. This color associate with the efforts to deal with breast cancer, which is common all over the world. Also, concerning breast cancer, pink ribbons symbolize nursing mothers, birth parents, and breast reconstruction. It is common finding a lot of renowned professional athletes wearing pink ribbons and other attire during breast cancer awareness.

4. Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and water. It is also crucial in raising awareness of over 100 different causes. However, the most frequent usage includes awareness of malaria, sex trafficking, water safety, and rheumatism. There are also different colors close to blue used in raising awareness on various aspects.

They are as follows:
• Blue jeans:Although you might think that this color is primarily for pants, it is also common in supporting the cause of genetic and congenital diseases.
• Light blue:This color is common in pledging support in different organizations and causes such as foster care, prostate cancer, and acid attack.
• Periwinkle blue: This color resembles a blueish purplish color. Its usage relates to irritable bowel syndrome, various types of cancer, and anorexia.

5. Green

Whenever you intend to use green for a specific cause, you need to be careful with the color since there is a lot of resemblance between different colors that associates with it. The colors vary from light green, mint, teal, and turquoise. All the same, green ribbons are used in awareness of mental health such as depression, manic depression, mental illness, and bipolar disorder. It also covers medical conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy.

For a close color such as turquoise, ribbons made out of such color represent the cause of drug addiction recovery in the United States.

6. Orange

This color associate with raising awareness of multiple sclerosis and leukemia. It is also common with people raising awareness of kidney cancer and spinal cancer. Other conditions associated with orange include Racial Tolerance, self-injury, Hunger, and Melanoma.

7. Purple

Purple usually represents epilepsy and pancreatic cancer. It is also used as a symbol for animal abuse, Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Other colors associated with purple include:
• Orchid: Used to symbolize testicular cancer
• Lavender: Used to symbolize epilepsy, infantile spasms, Rett syndrome, and Gynecological cancer.

8. Black

The common use of black is to symbolize mourning. In the United States, black is used when commemorating the 9/11 disaster. It is also used when there is national mourning, especially after a tragedy. Besides grief, black ribbons signify awareness on sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy.

9. White

White is quite common among people’s attires. It is also common in different causes all over the world. In most cases, it is the ribbon color of choice to signify the fight against various forms of child exploitation and abuse. Also, it symbolizes peace, community support, victims of terrorism, the right to life, and safe motherhood.

10. Combined Colors

There is a long list of the color combination used in different causes. Here is a list of different color combinations used in awareness.

• Black and blue: This combination of colors signifies mourning of daughter, loss of a sister and loss of a female child
• Blue and green: used to raise awareness on anal cancer and Pseudotumor Cerebri
• Black and white: Used in campaigns against racism, vaccine awareness, anti-racism and transitions
• Black and red: use to signify the loss of firefighter, murder victims, and murdered children
• Zebra-print ribbon: used to raise awareness of rare diseases
• Blue and red: Common in campaigns on pulmonary fibrosis, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and rare heart disease
• Orchid and orange: This combination of colors signifies psoriasis and eczema
• Orange and white: Used in raising awareness on helmet safety and bicycle safety

It is always confusing and symbolic to use colored ribbon for your cause. However, it is recommendable to double-check your choice to avoid campaigning on a different purpose as compared with your intentions. If you want to make the ribbons all by yourself, you need to find relevant items such as a pair of scissors and a ruler. Otherwise, you can find several customized ribbons in different online stores.

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