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What Does Blue Ribbon Actually Means?

What does blue ribbon actually means
Written by Dawn Herrera

Ribbons have been renowned symbols of different causes over the years. There are different types of colors that people use to make ribbons for various purposes. Blue stands to be one of the shades that people use for different causes. This article disseminates what a blue ribbon is all about and what it means.

Malaria Awareness Campaign

It is sad how many people succumb to malaria every day. Based on WHO world Malaria report, there has been no significant reduction in the number of people succumbing to malaria between 2015 and 2017. As a result, the campaign on malaria has intensified, leading to the inception of World Malaria Day, which is held on 25th April. Besides, blue ribbons have been adopted to symbolize this campaign.

Human Trafficking Campaigns

The Blue Heart Campaign is a global awareness that raises consciousness of the fight on human trafficking. The movement seeks to encourage governments to participate in preventing this heinous crime. The blue heart ribbon is an integral part of the campaign, and by wearing it, it shows the solidarity that one has with victims of trafficking.

Water Safety Awareness

The lack of water awareness has propelled the number of people drowning all over the world. For that reason, the inception of International Water Safety Day is vital in spreading the awareness of the global drowning epidemic. The selected day for the event is 15th May of every year. Since blue is the color representing water, it is the chosen color for the ribbons used in this campaign.

Bullying Awareness

Undeniably, bullying has grown to be a considerable problem in schools in the past years. As a result, governments and relevant organizations have found it wise to set aside a day to raise awareness on this menace. People wear pink shirts, which is historically the shirt worn by the people who prompted this campaign.

However, blue ribbons are also part of the campaign and are regular during the Blue Shirt World Day of Bullying Prevention and National Bullying awareness month. During these campaigns, all the activities initiated to commemorate the day revolve around sensitizing the community on the dangers of bullying and how to prevent it from happening.

Teen Pregnancy Campaign

Teen pregnancy has become a common problem in modern society. Therefore, there is a lot of campaign all over to help prevent and manage teen pregnancy. Most teen pregnancy campaigns seek to improve the lives of families and children to ensure that kids are born in a stable with two parents’ where they commit themselves to handle the demands of raising their children. The official color used for such a campaign is blue, which is used for its ribbon.

Freedom of the Press – Free Speech Campaign

Officially known as the Blue ribbon online free speech campaign, this is an online advocacy campaign for intellectual freedom on the internet. During this campaign, website owners usually place blue ribbons on their sites as a way to support the campaign. This initiative is done to prevent widespread threats to free speech in media.

Huntington’s disease Awareness

In many parts of the world, May is the official month of Huntington’s disease. During the specific day of the awareness, campaigners usually reach out to people to educate them about this disease and raise funds to support various initiatives that deal with this cause. Along with all those activities, campaigners usually use the blue ribbon as a symbol of their support towards the cause.

Shades of Blue and their Meaning

Apart from the typical sky blue color, there are other shades associated with blue, and used in different types of awareness. Some of the blue hues used in various initiatives are as follows:

  • Blue Jeans Ribbon: The color is usually considered for pants. However, it is the color of choice while raising awareness of genetic diseases and congenital diseases, as well.
  • Light blue ribbon: This color is used to support several causes and organizations such as an acid attack, prostate cancer, foster care, and men’s health.

As provided above, it is evident that Blue is a color of choice in different types of awareness. Therefore, if you intend to start a campaign that falls within the provided causes, you will be able to choose a color that is relevant to the purpose of your campaign.

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