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What Does The Black Ribbon Means?

What does black ribbon actually means
Written by Dawn Herrera

Ribbons have been part of the modern culture, especially when people want to raise awareness of a particular cause. The use of ribbons to signify specific causes can date back to historical time, especially during the United States Civil War, when women wore yellow ribbons as an expression of gratitude to the bravery of their loved one during the war.

Black ribbons have also been part of the ribbons used for particular causes, although they are not popular compared with other colors. In this article, the focus will be answering the question on what does the Black Ribbon Mean? Read on.

1. Symbol of Grief

Most people prefer using a black ribbon as a sign of mourning. This is common during a sad tragedy, such as the death of a loved one or mass deaths or murder.

2. Sleep Disorder Awareness

Sleep disorder could be one of the least conditions affecting humans, but it still requires enough recognition for the few who are struggling with the condition. Some of the common sleeping disorders that fall under this category include sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and Insomnia.

3. Symbol of Gang Prevention

It is hard to ignore the prevalence of gangs in different parts of the world, particularly in the United States. In that case, there is a lot of awareness to sensitize the youth about gangs. As a result, black is usually the official color code used by many authorities and organizations that raise awareness over this ordeal.

4. POW/MIA Commemoration

POW (Prisoners Of War and MIA (Missing in action) – POW/MIA recognition day is a national day in the United States in which citizens honor the POWs and those who are MIA during the Vietnam war. The day is observed on the third Friday every September. Along with other national commemoration ceremonies and activities, those who get involved in the day prefer black ribbons as their sign of commemoration.

5. Pagan/ Wiccan Rights Awareness

 Following the increased number of paganism in the United States, a movement to end pagan intolerance was formed. The movement uses their influence to raise awareness on bigotry and injustice happening to those that have come out as pagans or Wiccans. As a result, they use black ribbons anytime they want to raise awareness on this subject.

6. Black Lung Awareness

Black lung disease has been long associated with retired coal miners. The disease results from the exposure of coal miners to coal dust particles and silica. Earlier, miners used to show signs of the disease after working in coal mines for 20 years, but recently the number has gone down to 5 years. As a result, most states such as Virginia have found the need to raise awareness of the disease. In that case, black ribbons are the main symbol of consciousness during the designated date.

7. Anti-terrorism Awareness

The United Nations found it right to raise awareness within its member states over the growing level of terrorism all over the world. In response to the call, most member states have adopted programs and initiatives to take heed to the call. Also, black ribbons have been chosen as a symbol of awareness against terrorism.

8. Skin Cancer Awareness

Sadly, cancer has grown to be a menace all over the world. There is a lot of support and awareness used to sensitize people about this disease. Black ribbons are used to raise awareness of skin cancer, usually held in May.

You cannot miss finding black ribbons being used during memorials and national mourning days. Also, there are other types of awareness used to raise awareness, as well. So, if you work in an organization or need to raise awareness of any aspect provided above, having a black color would help you sell out your idea profoundly.

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