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What Does the Pink Ribbon Mean?

True meaning of pink ribbon
Written by Dawn Herrera

A pink ribbon is among the most commonly used ribbons for a particular cause in the world. It is also the least confusing ribbons, and its meaning is clear without contradiction. In fact, it is a symbol of breast cancer awareness not just in the United States but around the world.

From history, pink ribbons replaced the peach ribbons in 1991 when Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation distributed the ribbons to individuals who participated in a breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Afterward, the ribbon became a global symbol. With many people wearing them and stores selling pink items in support of different causes it helps to understand what the pink ribbon means.

Breast Cancer Awareness

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is leading among cancer-related deaths in women. One in every eight women has a higher chance of developing invasive disease at some point in life. The pink ribbon has been a success in this cause, with many women benefiting.

Every month of October, which is the breast cancer awareness month, everyone supports the awareness by wearing anything of color pink and pink ribbons. As indicated earlier, organizations, families, and breast cancer survivors also show their commitment and support through the pink ribbons.

Support for Nursing Mothers

Breastfeeding is a natural act that needs a lot of respect. However, that does not happen all the time. You must have heard of a breastfeeding mom being shamed for nursing the baby in public and other places. Well, it is not easy. Pink ribbons are worn in August every year during the National Breastfeeding Awareness Month to sensitize the public while showing immense support to all nursing moms.

Support for Birth Parents

A pink ribbon is used in instances that involve birth parent awareness. The majority of birth parents seem to be ignored, threatened or taken advantage of in one way or the other. Due to that reason, there is a need for support. As you support various causes, you need to be aware of the birth parents’ awareness, especially on issues regarding their role as parents, and adoption.

Breast Reconstruction Awareness

Cases of breast cancer many times leads to surgery, especially on a later stage when the medic realizes continued replication of the tumor cells. The removal of tumors is either partial or complete amputation of the breast. Sadly, some women are not aware of breast reconstruction. With the pink ribbons, the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (BRA Day) aims to inform the women of anything about breast reconstruction.

Advocating for Women’s Health

Some women are still reluctant to seek medical intervention on both acute and chronic infections. It may be due to several factors like personal beliefs or lack of finances. During any planned awareness or the Women’s Health Awareness Day, participants embrace the pink ribbons and attire to show the importance and need for women’s health while offering free medical services.


Gendercide is Genocide to women. Sometimes women experience discrimination because not everyone loves what they do. Unfortunately, some people subject women to torture, assault, and murder. Pink ribbons play a significant role in the campaigns against gendercide.  Whether it is an awareness walk or a project, campaigners embrace yellow ribbons as they advocate on stopping the gendercide and strive to fight for the rights of the victims.

Paget Nipple Disease

Pinks ribbons create awareness about Paget Nipple Disease. Women tend to shy and suffer in private when there is a problem with their breasts. Others are not aware of the steps to take or management of the disease they might be suffering from. Awareness with the pink ribbon informs women about this type of nipple cancer, and how to take medical intervention while supporting them.

Pink is a comforting, beautiful, calm, and outgoing color and that’s why the above awareness campaigns embrace it. Don’t feel afraid when wearing a pink ribbon to support a particular cause. It is worth it. From the explanation above, it is clear that most of the awareness campaigns using pink ribbons revolve around women’s issues. It is because they need to be loved, taken care of and supported.

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