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What the Green Ribbon Is All About

What does green ribbon actually means
Written by Dawn Herrera

The green ribbon is all about mental health campaign. However, there are other types of campaigns associated with this ribbon, although it is internationally recognized for campaigns on mental health. The campaign takes place in May every year. This article provides answers to the question on what the green ribbon is all about.

Mental Health Awareness

As indicated earlier, mental health has become one of the most challenging conditions in modern life. People are usually ignorant of the condition, which has led to the risen number of mental health-related issues that people face nowadays. Surprisingly, a whopping total of 81% of the entire population faces mental problems in one way or the other. In support of the campaign, green ribbons are distributed to campaign on the issue.

Global Warming Campaign

Green is the color used to signify the environment. Using it in a global warming campaign would be the best color of choice. Global warming is a reality in modern times, and the drastic change in the environment can tell about its effect. As a result, there are a lot of efforts and campaigns to sensitize people over this ordeal. As a way to emphasize on the campaign, campaigners usually use green ribbons as a symbol of their initiative.

Cerebral Palsy Campaign

A significant number of people are living with cerebral palsy in our societies. It is hard to ignore them hence the inception of World Cerebral Palsy Day, held in October. Campaigners and organizers of the day usually use green ribbons as a sign of support to people with the condition.

Kidney Disease

The awareness of kidney disease also stands out as one of the campaigns that have adopted the green ribbon. March is usually the day of kidney disease awareness, and people associated with kidney disease use the ribbons as a sign of support and knowledge about the condition.

Text-free Driving Campaign

There has been an alarming number of accidents that result from text-driving. As a result, many campaigns are ongoing against such an issue. As a way to support the campaign, green ribbons have been considered as the official ribbon that campaigners should wear.

In Favor Of Medical Marijuana

Over the years, most states have maintained stringent laws against the use of marijuana. However, through recent discoveries, medical marijuana has become popular, and most states have started to legalize it. Even so, there are still some states that maintain laws against medical marijuana, which has prompted campaigns against such stands. Those who are campaigning against such laws use green ribbons to symbolize their agenda.

Natural Disasters Awareness

Every year, thousands of lives are lost through disasters that hit people in different parts of the world. The number of people who succumb to such ordeal can be reduced if there is proper awareness. In that case, a considerable number of states and nations have come up with campaigns on these disasters. Along with the initiatives that they have come up with, green ribbons have been adopted as the color symbolizing this sort of awareness.

Traumatic Brain Awareness Campaign

Traumatic Brain Injuries can be devastating to victims and those living with people who have this condition. It is crucial to have an awareness campaign to sensitize people. Some of the aspects that such campaigns focus on are de-stigmatizing those who look down on TBI survivors, empower the survivors, and promote as much support as possible. As a result, green ribbons are commonly used along with other initiatives related to the campaign.

There are other types of campaigns that feature green ribbons that include:

  • Adrenal Cancer
  • Bone Marrow Disease
  • Chromosome 12
  • Dwarfism
  • Renal Cell Carcinoma
  • Liver Cancer
  • Liver Disease among others

Besides the green color, other campaigns use different shades of green in their initiatives. The shades of green ribbons are used as follows:

  • Light Green ribbon: Primarily used to raise awareness for sexually transmitted disease Celiac disease and chronic pelvic pain.
  • Lime green: Primarily used to raise awareness for depression and mood disorder.
  • Sea Green ribbon: Used to represent speech impairments such as lisping, stuttering, and stammering.

Green ribbons are universal in different types of campaigns, and people appreciate the impact that the ribbon has on either campaign. Before you decide to pick it for your campaign, it is recommendable to check whether it corresponds with the purposes provided above to avoid confusion. It will not help much if you used them for a wrong cause

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