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White Ribbon: What it Actually Means

what does white ribbon means
Written by Dawn Herrera

Ribbons have been critical in different campaigns. The white ribbon is common in awareness against women’s violence and other kinds of awareness. Its inception in awareness dates back to 1873 when Frances Willard adopted it as the official badge for Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, which campaigns against women violence. In this article, you will find out what the white ribbon actually mean.

Anti-Violence against Women

The Anti-violence campaign against women and gender began way back in 1989, where 14 women were killed in the Polytechnique massacre in Canada by an anti-feminist. Nowadays, the campaign is known as the White Ribbon Campaign and has gained popularity in over fifty-seven countries all over the world. The campaign requires men to work towards ending violence against women. The white ribbon campaign runs for several days, but the days differ among the countries that have taken heed of the initiative.

Right to Life

Every human being, whether living or unborn, has a right to life, and the white ribbon plays a critical role in this cause. Therefore, as a way to popularize this requirement, there has been numerous campaigns on the right to life. One of the most renowned campaigns is championed by the Scientology activist group, which fights for human rights. Their official ribbon color for the cause is white.


Awareness of blindness uses the white ribbons, and it happens during World Sight Day. The campaign often happens on 10th October every year. The objective of the campaign is to prevent the spread of avoidable blindness through updated data of every county. The campaign also influences governments and ministries of health to participate in designating and raising funds for blindness prevention programs and educate their target audience about preventing blindness.

Bone Diseases

An awareness of the bone disorder is usually held between 12th to 20th October, and white ribbons get preference. The campaign resulted from a study that showed that nearly half of the American population over 18 years typically get affected by bone diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. The condition is also the highest cause of long-term severe pain and disabilities, which has affected a lot of people.

The campaign, through white ribbons, focuses on increasing research funding and raising awareness on bone diseases to make it a global priority. During the white ribbons wearing awareness week, the participants reach out to the media, policymakers, patients, and health care professionals over the same cause. On 12th October, a campaign on Arthritis is held, on 16th it is the World Spine day, on 17th marks the World Trauma Day, and 20th marks the World Osteoporosis Day.


In June, every year, there is a public campaign on hernia, and everyone wears the white attire and ribbons. The purpose of the awareness month is to teach most people about hernia and help them understand its cause. It also provides information about the latest treatment options that one can undertake based on the number of people who are dealing with some hernia and are seeking medical attention as well. Concerning the awareness, the official ribbon used for the campaign is white.


Although green ribbons are the most common during scoliosis campaign, white ribbons are also part of the campaigns. People struggle a lot with scoliosis because of ignorance and awareness helps in impacting the society positively. The campaigns take place in June every year, and the main objective is raising awareness on the need for education, early detection, and public awareness about scoliosis. The campaign also focuses on uniting every person involved in scoliosis in one way or another. From the previous involvement, the white ribbons campaigns on scoliosis have helped multiple families that lives with the victims.

Other Campaigns that focus on sensitizing people while using the white ribbons include:

  • The awareness of congenital cataracts
  • Gay-teen suicide awareness and
  • Postpartum depression

Ribbons and campaigns have changed the narrative and views of people in respect to the various problems that human being face every day. If you intend to be part of any awareness campaign listed above, have your white ribbon ready. Choosing an alternative will not communicate your intended message appropriately. White ribbons expresses calmness, love and direct desire. This makes it the best choice for the above causes.

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