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Why Wear Purple Ribbon on International Women’s Day?

Why Wear Purple Ribbon on International Women's Day
Written by Dawn Herrera

International women’s day is held every 8th day of March to celebrate the political, economic, cultural, and social achievements of women. The theme used this year by the whole world is “EachforEqual”. Its main purpose is to realize women’s rights.

March 8 date of international womens day

This campaign will run all year to encourage women’s actions. It mainly focuses on the truth that, individually everyone can challenge the broad perceptions, fight bias, improve situation, stereotypes, and celebrate women enterprise. Together, we can make the gender equality world. The theme “EachforEqual” impulse everybody to be together.

Purple, the solemn color of International Women’s Day (IWD), founded a century ago. Nearly, fifteenth thousand women stride in New York to request a better working system and give them voting rights. The present iterations of the day are expected to celebrate Women’s economic, political, social achievements, and call for sex equality.

Why Wear a Purple Ribbon?

Many people arise a question that why color purple is important on international women’s day? The international women’s day (IWD) suggested this color because it is a sign of loyalty, unswerving constancy, and persistence to a purpose. It also represents self-respect, denotes bipartisanship, and dignity. Some people consider this color as a sign of royalty, so you can wear it on the other day also due to all its positive effects.

The American associations of University Women (AAUW) always try to advance the rights of women and girls and celebrate the achievements of girls and women. The AAUW always appreciates those persons who are interested in Women’s rights and invites those potential persons to wear purple ribbons.

Historically, purple is associated with the efforts of women to achieve gender equality.

For suffragettes battling to cast a vote, Purple represents the royal blood that runs in the veins of each suffragette.

In the 1960s and 70s, feminists revived the colors to show the Women’s freedom movements as the honor to the suffragettes.

Escalate Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

If we look at the past, the knitted pink pussy caps that protest against inequality dominates the evidence around the globe.

When men and women stand in opposition to long-stewing working environment injustices, Sexual based working environment harassment became the overwhelming focus. The hashtag used in social media platforms draws attention to women’s issues online.

Without any doubt, the fallout from claims recorded to carry working environment harassers to equity and further disclosures about prejudicial practices will keep on unfurling for a considerable time to come.

Women not just wear purple but also black, read, white, green, and pink to celebrate International Women’s Day. Read more

Purple Inspires Vision and Hope

Pantone, a color specialist says that Purple is chosen for its thoughtful, and proactive hue, which incline to the secret of the cosmos.

Contemplative and complex, ultra-lights reveal the cosmos mysteries, the planning of what remains ahead, and the past discoveries where we are present. The immense and boundless night sky is representative of what is feasible and keeps on motivating the desires to seek a world past our own.

Purple is also linked with artistic brilliance, unconventionality, and counterculture including song “purple rain” and “purple haze”.

The color purple book by Alice walker (an American author), this book signifies the importance of the color to the Women’s practices. This book mapped out the inequitable practices in the southern US against African American females.

Walker, the first Women awarded by Pulitzer Prize of color when her book “The color purple” won the prize in 1983. The TV talk shows invited the Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey worked in a film cast in 1985. This film is especially based on the book and was directed by an American filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Throughout history, the purple color prominent the artistic presentation of Women, It also includes an eighteen-century portrait by Fyodor Rokotov. Purple color is a symbol of achievements attain and achievements remain.

Let’s Build a World of Equality

Equality is not a female issue, it is a business problem. Gender non-discrimination is important for communities and economies to thrive. A gender non-discriminative world is harmonious, healthier, and wealthier, so, what is the problem in this?

Individually, our conversations, mindsets, and behaviors will affect the whole society. Together, we can change the world. The race for gender equality boardroom, gender equality in wealth and health, and gender-equal governance is on. So, let’s make this dream real EachforEqual”.

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