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Our company, Ribbons for a Reason, has over 50 different colored awareness ribbons in silver plate or pewter. Our charm design can be used in various ways to fit your life style. Each awareness ribbon color is researched and connected to the cause it supports. We also offer a variety of awareness products; lapel pins, wristbands, pendants, earrings, gifts and many other things related to awareness for the causes you care most about.

Hand-beaded Awareness bracelets are coming back!
Key an eye out in our Hand Crafted Jewelry section for new beaded bracelets with awareness ribbons!

Pewter Awareness Ribbon Charms
Currently 50 different colored
USA Made Pewter Ribbon Charms are available

Silver Plated Awareness Charms
Currently 47 different colored
(made in China)

Silicone Wristbands

Hope's Little Memorial Angel for Fallen Fire Fighter's Hope's Little Angel in Blue & Yellow
Our Price: $10.95
Our Price: $8.95
In Memory of Fire Firefighter's that have been killed in the line of duty. Adorable hand crafted Angel Ornament featuring our Blue & Yellow Silver Plated Awareness Ribbon
Hope's Little Angel in Purple Juvenile Diabetes Pewter Ribbon Lapel Pin
Our Price: $8.95
Our Price: $3.25
Adorable hand crafted Angel Ornament featuring our Purple Silver Plated Awareness Ribbon Pewter Juvenile Diabetes Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pin
Posi+ivi+y TM Bracelet Pink Set by Alexa's Angels Hope's Little Angel in Orange
Our Price: $8.95
Sale Price: $7.95
You save $1.00!
Our Price: $8.95
Set of Three - Keep one and pass two along to friends - Pass Along the Posi+ivi+y!!! Adorable hand crafted Angel Ornament featuring our Orange Silver Plated Awareness Ribbon

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